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  • Everyone involved in SCBWI Iowa is a volunteer, including the regional team.   Attendees like desserts at conferences.   No matter what meal you serve, someone will hate it. Especially if it’s salmon.   Many SCBWI members don’t know all the perks offered to them, especially, The Book: The Essential Guide for Publishing for Children. Check it out at   Editors and agents are regular people. They want to find great books that sell so they can keep their jobs.    People from the East and West Coasts don’t know about Scotcharoos, cheese curds, and the joy of dipping everything in Ranch dressing.   Creative folk like one-day genre specific conferences, three-day conferences, multi-state conferences, retreats, and free events. A variety keeps everyone happy.   Nonfiction writers, graphic novelists, picture book writers, illustrators, MG/YA authors, and board book creators all want to be represented at conferences.   SCBWI members are a lot of fun at parties.   And the number one thing I’ve learned being the RA is that SCBWI Iowa members are the kindest, most compassionate, and creative people in the world. You guys rock!   Thank you to everyone who shows up at our free monthly meet-ups, attends conferences and retreats, and offers to volunteer. This organization could not function without each and every one of you. --From Eileen Boggess, Regional Advisor from SCBWI-Iowa
  • The Urbandale Public Library now accepting proposals for The Arts UP Close (formerly Art UP Close) program  The Arts UP Close celebrates local talent and encourages the community to experience the arts through engaging opportunities. The program sponsors local artists who conduct presentations and hands-on workshops at the library and in the community. The goal of the program is to develop and sustain the public’s awareness and interest in the arts, cultivating a true appreciation for all forms of human expression.   The Urbandale Public Library is offering two, one-month paid sponsorships (April 1 – 30 & September 1 -30, 2020) to visual, literary, performing, and mixed media artists. Artists eager to use their talent to grow and nurture the community’s artistic spirit are invited to apply. Arts groups, such as musical groups, theater ensembles, etc. are also encouraged to apply.   Applications for 2020 sponsorships are due by Monday, December 2, 2019 to Download the application information here.
  • I had the pleasure of attending the DSM Book Festival this weekend and got to hear from so many inspiring authors. Our very own SCBWI published authors made up the Writing for Children panel. Including: Cindy Chambers Johnson, Katie Kennedy, Jenny Moyer, and Rebecca Janni. I compiled all the major tips the authors had to say into a list of the top 30 for you to look at. The top 10 being: 1. You must read, read, read! 2. There will be lots of books that won't sell (At least not right away). Keep writing! 3. Everyone's process is different. Don't worry! 4. Separate the writer from the person who wants to be published.  5. Be patient and take your time. 6. Write what you love and don't focus on trends. 7. Don't tell anyone your great ideas. It can stifle your drive and creativity! 8. Know your reader and your market. 9. Your mom and BFF are NOT honest feedback. Get a critique group! 10. Make connections and put your work out there. Thank you so much to our panelists for offering your stories and insight! If you want to read my full list of publishing tips from the conference, check out the article here:   As always, happy writing! Contributor- Brooke Van Sickle- Webmaster, SCBWI-Iowa
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Writing can seem like an individual sport, but it truly takes a team. Our region offers state-wide
conferences and local events that feature lessons on craft; industry advice; and connections to great agents, art directors, editors, and authors. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to meet (Read More)

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Autumn Prairie Writing & Illustration Retreat ~Transform Your Pictures and Words- October 25 - 27, 2019 with: Maria Middleton, Art Director, Candlewick Press Jessixa Bagley- Author/Illustrator Linda Camacho, Agent, Galt & Zacker Agency Sarah Jane Abbott, Assistant Editor, Simon & Schuster at: Prairiewoods Retreat Center, Hiawatha, IA
Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think - Spring Conference April 24-26, 2020 With: Sara Sargent - Editor with Random House Semadar Megged - Art Director Trisha de Guzman - FSG/Macmillan Adria Goetz - Agent with Martin Literary Natascha Morris - Agent with Bookends Literary Katie Kennedy - Author Cindy Johnson - Author Lisa Morlock - Author Rahele Jomepour Bell - Illustrator At: West Des Moines Marriott, West Des Moines, IA
PAL/Advanced Writing Intensive October 10 & 11, 2020 with: Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson to  Bring Your Writing to the Next Level! Place: TBD